Where Do You Want

by Brilliant Beast

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Agent K(ahunasan)
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Agent K(ahunasan) Alternating male/female pop vocals on hazy/fuzzy dreampop offerings.
There is a little "rawness" to this set that has a nod in the direction of Husker Du/Replacements riffage.
There has been a lot of great pop coming from the Twin Cities over the years.
The Porter siblings latest outing bears witness to the current crop of noisemakers.
Well done. Favorite track: Dead Man.
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"Distorted rhythms and the melody of a lead guitar riff intertwining with the vocals start the show on "A Child on Fire," on whose heels "Harrow" follows, brightening the vocals and bringing the music more squarely into pop territory. But it's not until the more spacious third track, "Nepotism Shakes," where the tempo relaxes and the backing drum and Hannah's dreamy vocals can take charge, that Beast's sound really blooms. Gunning it back to the band's high-octane noisepop pace, "Crushdumb" stands out for its basslines, particularly catchy at the intro and the bridge. Hannah's vocals return to the fore on "Pick Up Lines" and "Dead Man," cementing the role of her sound within the band, with "Dead Man" also featuring some collaborative vocals between the siblings--a well-chosen addition. By the time "Someone Else Did" closes the seven-song Where Do You Want, it's clear that Brilliant Beast succeeded in assembling a potent, pithy album with no time for filler." - Sound Parlor

Recorded and mixed by Neil Weir at Old Blackberry Way
Mastered by Dave Gardner at Magneto
Minneapolis, MN

All songs by Brilliant Beast except "Crushdumb," by Brilliant Beast and D. Edmonds. Published by Future Fictions (ASCAP)

Lyrics by Jordan Porter
Album Art by Hannah Porter

Guilt Ridden Pop 2013



released November 8, 2013

Jordan Porter - Vocals, Guitar
Hannah Porter - Vocals, Guitar, Violin
Mark N. Kartarik - Bass
Eric Whalen - Drums



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Brilliant Beast Minneapolis, Minnesota

Brilliant Beast is a fuzzy shoegaze band from Minneapolis. Led by sibling dual-vocalists Hannah (vocals, guitar) and Jordan Porter (vocals, guitar) and anchored by the rhythm section of Ronnie Lee (bass) and Eric Whalen (drums), they spit out jams ranging from short garage heavy snarls to clanging & cavernous dirges. It gets loud. ... more


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Track Name: A Child on Fire
I heard a pin drop and let the echoes carry me away to where the music stops and our bodies forget to sway. And I was just standing there with my arms folded in place. Nothing could make me move in front of another's face.
I had a dream I was a child on fire. I waved my arms and the flames went higher. I doused myself in the sparks and the wire. I had a dream I was a child on...
I let the needle drop and watched the music start to spin away. I saw your body rock -- you better put that thing in its place. 'Cuz those are some dangerous moves you're pulling out in this space. Don't you know they're watching you, they're getting it all on tape?
I have a dream that I'm a child on fire.
Track Name: Harrow
Let's reflect upon our company. I never knew how to hide a disease, and I've got margins in everything I read full of notions becoming new to me. And thanks for the book about the cheat. I never finished but I think I can see the thesis spinning around your duplicity. It's shooting up past my student's body.
And it sucked dry all my marrow. It threw my corpse out to the barrow to hear you tell me about the harrow.
A summer night spent in the hospital after you swallowed your face and sat on your skull, I was taking notes down on the back of my palm about the price we're paying for the ephemeral. They called your name, you disappeared down the hall. And one by one we're showing examples of how day by day our senses all start to fall under the weight of your tumbling drawl.
And it pierced my heart with a poison arrow to see it spelled out in the tarot. Now I can't separate myself from the harrow.
Track Name: Nepotism Shakes
The spit on the sidewalk pools up over lewd chalk. The children carve messages trying their best to talk over the dirt in our bloodlines. The hurt of the passerby handed down over lost time was always such a good alibi.
And you've got a face like that, the one that we're all looking at. And I've seen you here before, I remember your patted back beaten down by the shaking hands, crushed under the in-demand. You relished the revelry while you were counting your family.
I cut my palm to spill the blood, but that's not impressing anyone.
You've got a bitter taste from all of the rules we've made. But I'd kiss those lips, I'd say. I would hold you and hide you away far from the incest of industry, the pull of the in-between. but there was never room for me when you counted your family.
I cut my palm to spill the blood, but that's not impressing anyone. And I've got the shakes, I've got the shaking in my blood.
Track Name: Crushdumb
Tell me what's next, tell me what to expect. I don't want to be blindsided or misunderstood. I know I should stop wearing those boots across my throat--I'll let the air go.
You're sending it back to a return address. You never wanted to be crushdumb.
Tell me what's next like that parade floating past, or just something more like last night's set--it's so easy to forget. I wish you would start nursing away those black eyes, they're not helping your disguise.
Track Name: Pickup Lines
You stubbed out your cigarette, I heard your voice under your breath. Said, "I can't believe there's something left." And it's a shame that we haven't met. I'm on the shores of your low tide trying to pick up what you're leaving behind. I know you're not the sentimental kind but you're gonna retrace your steps sometime.
Because there's nothing worse than being put aside, tripping over my pickup lines. Shooting to kill but always missing wide. I'm treating myself, I'm getting rich off lies.
I walked by your house again last night and saw her bike locked up outside. I thought it looked good for a ride, I'm a capable thief and so I made it mine. I heard the sirens in the air but I just rode on, no, I didn't care. Because it's just a game of truth or dare and now you know that I'm out there.
And I got one call on the telephone so I used it to call you at your home. Screamed "I love you" into the dial tone. It's love like this that you've never known.
Track Name: Dead Man
I once had a haircut back when I was in love with you. But now it just looks wrong, and it's starting to feel like proof. I once had your haircut; I was skinnier and more confident, a little more angry but I was quite sure who at.
I'm captured from all sides. Who turned out the lights? I won't put up a fight if you capture me tonight.
I let it pass me by with a crack of the whip and a turn of the screw, afraid that it left me here on the fence with only dreams of you. So let's let our hair down, colors slip before they fade away. We bend over backwards trying just to see who we were yesterday.
I once had a haircut back when I was in love with you, back when I had my youth.
Track Name: Someone Else Did
Saw you at a party making the rounds, you balanced your drink as you shot through the crowd. Laughing at jokes that don't make a sound always made you feel like a spy. And I know that I caught it, just for a glint, that look in your eyes that says, "yeah, come in." I wanted to reach back to push you back to begin, but it kills me because someone else did. And I can tell a story with every lesson I've learned, because I've seen a lot and there's even less I've heard. I still touch the fire when I know that it burns and I've got to get away. Right now. But it all comes down to that Saturday night when you shot through the crowd going the speed of light and I caught your arm to take you outside. Wet the cheeks and harbor some lies. And the way you tossed your hair off to the side when you held your cigarette and I lit it to life, it all reminded me of how I never tried to fight and it kills me because someone else did. So if you open that door we can step in from the cold, we can hang our hats on that towering pole, let the past drip away like this lingering snow. We don't have to say a word. Because this life is a clock and it won't be set back and every second that passes reminds me of that. I don't care about love if it's a love I once had, I'm done living in the past. Tonight.